In 1987, Amy and I were married in a beautiful formal wedding in front of hundreds of friends and family.  I just showed up and did what the ladies told me to do.  All I really remember was the look of my lovely bride turning the corner at the back on the arm of her proud father, the man we’d all call “Pop” later.  The rest was mostly a blur.  That was our wedding.

Then, one day, “Boing,” our oldest daughter, Kaitlyn, grew up, fell in love and decided to get married.  She wanted a vintage wedding, preferably with a barn.  She said she wanted to have just friends and family that she and Daniel knew well.  People who are walking the same path as us.  She and Daniel wanted deep south soul food spread out on long tables with friends surrounded by more friends.  They wanted dancing.  Not just any dancing, but a hoe down early in the evening and lively dancing later.  Daniel wanted a fire pit or two for the groomsmen and after-parties.  It sounded like a ton of fun to us—and it would certainly be different than the formal affair we’d had.  We’d always dreamed of her being married on our property, but we didn’t have a barn.   So, with a New Years’ Eve wedding planned, we started looking for venues.  We did not find one in Murfreesboro, nor did we find any appropriate for New Year’s Eve weather in the region.   So, we began dreaming of building our own.  We’d prayed for years for the wisdom to use this beautiful property to its fullest some day, and that day stood up and said, “Build a barn.”  We soon realized that we were going to have something really special here, and that there would be nothing like it that we’d ever seen.

Then, by a stroke of grace from God, I met Carl and Betsy (Maples) Taylor.  They graciously allowed us to disassemble a vintage barn on their property and relocate it to ours.  So, we numbered and disassembled it and have been rebuilding it on a new concrete pad, braced and cross-braced, using the original hand-hewn cedar tree posts, oak floor joists and intricate trusses.

We absolutely love this property, and have been blessed to own it, renovate it, and to now offer it to you and others for some of the most important events in your lifetime.  We look forward to sharing it with you while you celebrate your milestone.