A Woodsy Wedding for a Windy City Crowd

What an amazing wedding!  The details were great, including dinner under the stars with twinkle lights overhead, a great dinner by Smoke Et Al, a vintage snow-cone truck, bonfire, lovely decor.  Hey- snow cone truck in late fall?  Yes, it was a warm night, with a crowd from Chicago, so all in all, it was just right for delicious snow cones.

But mostly, this wedding is about expressions.  The photographer, Photography Anthology, caught so many of them that we had a hard time narrowing down the shoot to the photos that represented the day.  We could have easily done a complete blog post of just the smiles, tears and laughs.  But we threw in a few of the details so that the story of the day would be seen here.

Please enjoy these photos, and look for the expressions.  Actually… you can’t miss them.

Congratulations, Steve and Carrianne!

Photography: Photography Anthology

Planners: Modern Vintage