A Woodsy Wedding for a Windy City Crowd

What an amazing wedding!  The details were great, including dinner under the stars with twinkle lights overhead, a great dinner by Smoke Et Al, a vintage snow-cone truck, bonfire, lovely decor.  Hey- snow cone truck in late fall?  Yes, it was a warm night, with a crowd from Chicago, so all in all, it was just right for delicious snow cones.

But mostly, this wedding is about expressions.  The photographer, Photography Anthology, caught so many of them that we had a hard time narrowing down the shoot to the photos that represented the day.  We could have easily done a complete blog post of just the smiles, tears and laughs.  But we threw in a few of the details so that the story of the day would be seen here.

Please enjoy these photos, and look for the expressions.  Actually… you can’t miss them.

Congratulations, Steve and Carrianne!

Photography: Photography Anthology

Planners: Modern Vintage


Jackson + Erica’s Fall Barn Wedding

We loved this couple.  It’s so easy to do, because they appear to effortlessly love each other.  Undeniably, not faking it… just exuberance for each other.  I mean… top of the charts kindness, fun, and honesty. Which actually isn’t effortless at all.  It’s a decision.  And they’ve clearly made it- they adore each other.  They say what they’re really feeling, and listen to each other carefully;  deferring to each other in a beautiful dance of kind words and understanding.  I’ve watched Jackson and Erica for a couple of years now.  They came in to tour with big, wide-mouthed grins on their faces.  They were excited about getting married, and wanted a fall barn wedding here in their home state of Tennessee.  They loved the thought of getting married in the loft, and dinner downstairs, and all of those details that have to be sorted through.  But what they really wanted was to be married to each other.  They had a hard time looking around at the property for the distraction of looking at each other.

They came through for a few vendor meetings, and got to the details, but were distracted by each other again.  They planned away, and organized a wonderful wedding.  But the details weren’t what seemed to matter the most.

And on their wedding day, they had their family and friends gathered around them.  I don’t know if they saw them.  They were looking at each other.  It was as though they were memorizing each other’s faces.  They came out recently to carve their names and date in the wall of the barn.  They were exuberant.  They just bought a house to restore in Nashville, had a new job, and all of the wonderful stuff that goes into life together.  But mostly they looked at each other.  And touched each other on the smalls of the back.  And were kind, speaking words of grace and praise toward each other.  Standing in an empty barn several months later they told the story of how they met… how Jackson and Erica both knew they were to be married, that God had brought them together undeniably, and that they just tucked that ball under their collective arms and were going to run with it for life.  In love with life, each other, and their God.  I have one of the most amazing jobs in the world, and see people on their happiest day.  But I must say, their happy day is every day.  Take a look at the expressions on their faces, beautifully captured by Spencer Combs.  Best of luck, Jackson and Erica!

Will + Jess

Yeah for Will and Jess!!  They hit the jackpot.  Fall weather peaking in the 70’s, gorgeous orange and yellow leaves, and add a slight breeze.  And that was just the weather.  Their family and friends gathered from the near and afar to watch this lovely couple marry in the woods.  Then they went to the barn for some wonderful food prepared by Alex Belew catering- including a beautiful oyster bar.  These photos correctly show the love of the parents, families and friends on Will and Jess that was in the air here a few weeks ago.  The beautiful styling and planning is by Southern Soiree, the cake by Frosted Affair, floral by The Enchanted Florist.  And all captured by Photography Anthology.  It was a beautiful wedding.  Beautiful couple.  Cheers to you two!



Justin and Genevieve Miller’s Wedding in the Woods

Genevieve and Justin were married here at The Wren’s Nest beneath a canopy of trees and twinkle lights, surrounded by their sweet friends and family on May 21st.  Then they entered the old timber structure at the barn and ate, danced, sang, played, and… reveling in their vows.  These photos capture well their strong emotions of the day.    Congratulations, Justin and Genevieve!  Photos by:  Frozen Exposure Photography www.frozenexposure.com

Mr. and Mrs. Slater!

Look at this awesome couple!  Tyler and Autumn were married in the woods at The Wren’s Nest on April 23, 2016.  Styling and Planning by Modern Vintage Events.  Photography by Andrew Allen Morton.

Emily and John’s Woodland Wedding

We often encourage our brides and grooms to use The Wren’s Nest as a blank canvas to paint their own individual, unique wedding that reflects who they are.  We remind them that there are no “Wren’s Nest weddings.”  There are only Emily and John weddings at The Wren’s Nest.  The tables have never been set the exact same way twice.  No timelines, decor, or anything else has ever been replicated.

Emily and John didn’t need that speech.  Only the mindset, and the freedom.  And out of that, they had one of the most beautiful, organic, unique weddings we’ve ever been blessed to host.  With strong nods to their ancestry in wedding garb including kilts and their love for the outdoors and history reflected in their gorgeous table centerpieces, this was a wonderful wedding.  And bagpipes.  Yes, wonderful bagpipe music played by one of the state’s premier players came drifting from the woods at the conclusion of their ceremony.

It was fabulous.  Congratulations, John and Emily!


Images by: Alyssa Joy Photography  Planning/Styling:  Angela Sadler





Ross and MC’s Wooded Wedding

I am so stoked about showing off these pictures.  This is a beautiful wedding, in my opinion.  It is a total reflection of MC and Ross’s personal tastes.  MC was meticulous in the selection of details, and ended up with a beautiful event that was striking because of it’s restrained elegance.  So, their wedding came off as an expression of them- all the way to the chicken and waffles!  As you will see, the best pictures in this set are the ones of these two beautiful people caught in the emotion of committing for a lifetime before God, friends and family.   I certainly nod to Jen and Brad at Q Avenue Photo (www.qavenuephoto.com).  Nice photos, you two.  And congratulations to MC and Ross!  Here’s to a lifetime!


Red Wine + Love Photo Shoot at The Wren’s Nest


I am so excited to share this styled shoot/idea wedding, that nods to the beauty of the outdoors, with lace linens catching a gentle breeze, a refreshing dish of home made wine ice cream (in this case, made from wine and cream), a cold wine-popsicle, music, and heritage caught in a custom-painted rug anchoring a table covered in wine, cheese and berries.  Add a glass of wine lifted to honor a bride and groom making a holy covenant.  It was beautiful.

It was so fun to have such creative license, and to work with talented vendors who brought wonderful ideas to the details, along with a talented photographer who captured it.  Most of these images were taken on film (vs. digital), and they are as they were.   This is exactly the way it looked that evening.  Enchanted.

The most enjoyable part of this event, to me, was witnessing the creativity expressed by each vendor to make this beautiful shoot, and the joy that these true wedding pros have in making beautiful, meaningful things for such a huge day.

This shoot was featured in the Grey Likes Wedding blog!

I hope you enjoy these photos, and grab an idea or two for your wedding or event.


Photography- Jenna Henderson Photography

Design/Stylist- Modern Vintage

Floral- SoulFlowers

Draping and Lighting- Southern Sky Event Lighting

Cake- Jo’s Cakes and Catering

Rentals- Southern Events

Hand painted rug- Rebekah Jaeger

Hair- One 10 Hair

Paper- Designs in Paper

Custom tables- Jimmy Williams and Justin Goff

Tuxedo- Street Tuxedo

Gown- Modern Trousseau

Antiques- The Tanner House

Models- Jim and Dana Jarmin *(Jim and Dana actually married here at The Wren’s Nest four days after this shoot.  Isn’t that so fun?)


Ryan and Christy

By taking a fun-loving but focused couple, a bunch of friends and family who are oozing Nashville art and urban music scene, a beautiful day, a great band, spicy food, a glass of wine, a lot of laughter, and you’ve got a wedding day!  This is a neat, neat couple.  One of the great things I learned about this pair is their active relationship with Jesus;  the kind that has them on the streets helping people in downtown Nashville with their basic needs, emotional support, life events, and more.  Feet on the street.  And this day and night they put their feet at an altar and committed to each other, then danced, and ate, and drank, and celebrated.   As you will see in the photographs below.  Their expressions convey a LOT.  Congratulations to Ryan and Christy!   Photography (very good journalistic photography at that) by Kristin Sweeting.





Lizzie and Kieran’s Artful Marriage

There is always something in a wedding here that is intriguing, beautiful, and special between a man and a woman that no other wedding has had.  Lizzie and Kieran’s wedding was like that.  But there were a LOT of “somethings.”  Lizzie was raised in what her mom, Gayla, described as a home that is virtually an art studio.  So Lizzie, who now lives in NYC and works in special events lighting has a sister who is a painter, and a mom who does all sorts of art.  She falls in love with a man from Ireland, who she met in Canada.  He’s from a small rural area in Ireland that has a similar feel to Middle Tennessee.  And they came together here to marry, and begin their life together.  His family came in from Ireland, hers from here, NY, Minnesota, and elsewhere.  And there are all of these VERY well done pieces of art painted by Lizzie’s sister Rebekah.  And flowers that looked liked they’d been artfully pulled from the most beautiful wildflower patch, and placed in a collection of vases that Lizzie’s mom had curated over the years.  They were married “in the round,” with everyone circling the couple, seeing their faces from every angle.  Custom lighting designed by the bride that looked like huge drops of a waterfall cascading onto their ceremony.  One of the prettiest dessert tables I’ve seen.  And kindness.  That was the most important detail of all.  These two families from different countries of origin wrapped their arms around each other, and made a week of sharing their lives, and their families with each other.  Between Lizzie and Kieran there seems to be a genuine, realistic, deep chemistry made of admiration and respect.

Look at the pictures and I think you’ll see what I mean.  The photos were wonderfully captured by Joy Chambers Photography.   The entire vision was pulled together by Gayla Edwards and Melissa Clark, their talented planner and stylist. 





Marc + Sarah

I loved the details of this wedding.   It was such a perfect reflection of the bride and groom.  They work in NYC- She’s a porcelain artist, and he stages large events.  They and their friends came in to join their family who have roots here in middle Tennessee. Together, with their stylist, Jessica Sloane, they captured their lives and reflected it in their wedding.    It was simultaneously elegant and relaxed.  They married in the woods under fall leaves, then gathered at farm tables spread with good food, and centerpieces crafted by Sarah.  And danced, enjoying their big day together.  More than anything I noticed about this wedding is that this couple is genuinely kind.  That will serve them very well.  Best of luck Marc and Sarah!

The beautiful photography is by Austin Gros.

Rebecca and Garrett

We were so excited to host Rebecca and Garrett’s big day.  This is couple is in such tight community with their friends- who arrived early on an early spring day, and gathered around Rebecca and Garrett to witness their covenant and celebrate the start of their life together.   Congratulations to you both, Garrett and Rebecca!  Photos by:  Valerie Marsh



Jacob and Cheyenne’s Wedding

This is a family that knows how to love.  It comes with mentoring and practice.   We had so much fun watching this family invest their time, attention and affections into Cheyenne and Jacob’s beautiful wedding.  Moms and dads, grandparents and siblings contributed in special ways to the effort of orchestrating a beautiful early spring wedding here in March.  The family handcrafted an altar and had it draped in floral, custom built a set of farm tables, had one of Cheyenne’s grandpa’s wedding sermons he used spoken over them by the minister…   and more.  It was all so rich in love and affection, and the guests were easy with fun and laughter.

The twist in this particular wedding is that it was supposed to be officiated by Cheyenne’s grandpa.  And he was supposed to build the farm tables for his granddaughter’s day.  But Jesus had other plans for him, and he went home a few weeks before the wedding.  He’d had a lifetime of love with his wife, and they’d loved on their kids and grand kids, leaving a legacy of stability and kindness to each other.  In his honor, the families jumped in and accomplished what he’d started.

At the end of the night, Jacob and Cheyenne headed to the airport to fly to Paris to celebrate their marriage.  God willing, they will leave a legacy as well.  They’ve off to a great start!  Congratulations.


Stylist and planner- Southern Soiree

Photographer- A. Shore Photography

Specialty Lighting- Southern Sky Events


Peter & Melissa’s Fall Celebration

On a sunny October day, Peter and Melissa held a beautiful ceremony and celebration here.  What struck us as beautiful was the way the two families both jumped in to make the day perfect.  And God blessed them with a beautiful day.  Chairs were pulled to the lawn were their guests circled and shared a story and a drink from their home state.  Peter and Melissa married and danced to the music of a live strings.  The details were so meaningful, including old family photos and memorabilia that nodded to Peter and Melissa’s roots.  Enjoy their photos- and congratulations to Peter and Melissa!

The lovely photos were captured by Leah Barry Photography and Roselle Photography



Ben and Laura’s Sunday Brunch Wedding

Ben and Laura were married here just a short week ago.  Their families came from across the southeast to celebrate their wedding on a bright Sunday morning in March of 2014.  Theirs was a simply lovely affair with vintage elements.  The details were styled to match Ben and Laura’s love of the outdoors, and sharing a laugh, hug and a dance with friends and family.  You will notice in these images the affectionate looks of the family toward the couple, and the couple to each other.   The emotions and kindness of all of them toward each other translates into their collection of images.  All simply wonderful.

Visual elements:  The photography is by Amber Davis Photography;  Planning and Styling by Modern Vintage;  Cake by Vintage Cakes and Catering;  Floral by Basil and Bergamot.  Hand Painted Sign; Vinewood Home Creations.



Chris + Sarah’s December Wedding

We felt the love with these two.  Sweet, smart and talented, this pair planned a lovely winter wedding in early December at The Wren’s Nest.  It was cold outside, but the barn was aglow, and the warmth of their special day could be felt among their friends and family who had traveled from far and wide to share the day with Sarah and Chris.  Congratulations to them.

Photo Credits:  The very talented Ariel Renae.  www.arielrenaephoto.com


Dave and Casey’s Start of a Great Adventure

It would be difficult to not love this couple. How fulfilling can a marriage loaded with kindness, fun, and adventure be… toward each other, and in their circle of influence?  You could bet on these two for the long haul.   From flying planes, to family, to skydiving, to a good laugh with their friends.  These two are direct, sweet, helpful, and full of energy.  Please, enjoy a few details of their November  early winter wedding!

Erin + Andrew’s Magical Wedding

Erin and Andrew hold a special place to us.  Andrew proposed to Erin here, and they were models in some of our early styled shoot photos submitted to blogs.  We posted them on our sites in the headers, in theory, until we had some real wedding photos.  I’ve left most of them up, even after the real weddings started coming in.  They are just such a beautiful couple.  And they look beautiful on the outside, too.  They love Jesus, they love each other, they love their family, and they know how to have a really fun time.  So, I suppose it’s time to take down their styled photos.   Now we have even better ones from their real, magical wedding they held here in November.  The whole family left a mark here, from the photos, to the shirts we wear as we direct parking (which were embroidered by Jana, the mother of the bride).  Even Bandit, the border collie who runs the property between events, has a burlap neckerchief that Jana stitched).

I bet these two leave a mark wherever they go too; and for the better.  Congratulations, Andrew and Erin!


Photography:  Jessie Holloway Photography

Planner and Stylist- Lauren Hartmann and Krista Cook, Southern Soiree

Lighting and Draping- Jason Davis, Southern Sky Event Lighting

Floral- Geny’s- Nicole Arbuckle and crew

Pyrotechnics-Joey Bassham, Impact Pyro  **If you are considering fireworks, please read the note at the bottom.

Cake- Jay Qualls



The firework fountains in these photos are stunning, though they are not allowed for the safety of your guests and preservation of the historic structures.  We will consider exceptions to our agreements, as we did for this family, if the display is performed by a licensed, insured pyrotechnics expert following distance, noise and safety guidelines.








This marriage will probably last…

Lee and Vera were married 60 years ago.  That’s right, 60 years.  To celebrate their life together, their two kids and their spouses collected their grandchildren, a little great grandchild, brothers and sisters, cousins and more to a wonderful Christmas-y winter celebration of their life and love together.  This happy couple went through the challenges that every life brings, and now sit and share a chair together, or watch investment news (for him) and The Price is Right (for her), sharing their meals many times on one plate. How sweet is that?  What an honor to host their event.   The lovely photography is by Angie and Trey Gambill of Gambill Photography.