Jackson + Erica’s Fall Barn Wedding

We loved this couple.  It’s so easy to do, because they appear to effortlessly love each other.  Undeniably, not faking it… just exuberance for each other.  I mean… top of the charts kindness, fun, and honesty. Which actually isn’t effortless at all.  It’s a decision.  And they’ve clearly made it- they adore each other.  They say what they’re really feeling, and listen to each other carefully;  deferring to each other in a beautiful dance of kind words and understanding.  I’ve watched Jackson and Erica for a couple of years now.  They came in to tour with big, wide-mouthed grins on their faces.  They were excited about getting married, and wanted a fall barn wedding here in their home state of Tennessee.  They loved the thought of getting married in the loft, and dinner downstairs, and all of those details that have to be sorted through.  But what they really wanted was to be married to each other.  They had a hard time looking around at the property for the distraction of looking at each other.

They came through for a few vendor meetings, and got to the details, but were distracted by each other again.  They planned away, and organized a wonderful wedding.  But the details weren’t what seemed to matter the most.

And on their wedding day, they had their family and friends gathered around them.  I don’t know if they saw them.  They were looking at each other.  It was as though they were memorizing each other’s faces.  They came out recently to carve their names and date in the wall of the barn.  They were exuberant.  They just bought a house to restore in Nashville, had a new job, and all of the wonderful stuff that goes into life together.  But mostly they looked at each other.  And touched each other on the smalls of the back.  And were kind, speaking words of grace and praise toward each other.  Standing in an empty barn several months later they told the story of how they met… how Jackson and Erica both knew they were to be married, that God had brought them together undeniably, and that they just tucked that ball under their collective arms and were going to run with it for life.  In love with life, each other, and their God.  I have one of the most amazing jobs in the world, and see people on their happiest day.  But I must say, their happy day is every day.  Take a look at the expressions on their faces, beautifully captured by Spencer Combs.  Best of luck, Jackson and Erica!